26. tammikuuta 2015

Outo, erilainen, kansainvälinen mainoskilpailu – osallistuminen auki nyt

Partnerini Drayton lähetti tämän viestin sunnuntaina.

En käy kääntämään sitä, koska osallistuaksesi sinun pitää osata englantia…

Are you put off entering advertising awards?

No wonder – because they have three serious drawbacks.

They are run to make money so it costs a fortune to enter. They do not take account of sales but focus on something called "creativity". More to the point they do not reflect the reality we all experience.

For months now, Australian Marketer Ryan Wallman has been working on a new kind of award. One which you can genuinely relate to as you sit, awed, in a meeting with your Chief Creative Officer and other  C-Suite bigwigs.

Entry is free. The close date is one month from now. However, we anticipate a deluge of entries, and we are short-staffed, so hurry.

Here are the categories. Another advantage is that you don't have to explain why your entry is good.

This is important because at Ogilvy and Mather I employed one person just to write entries that were likely to win. This freed the rest of us to get down to the wine bar next door earlier.

Go on! Give it a go! You could be a winner.

The Groomed Beard Award

For the most solipsistic* use of ironic humour in an advertising campaign

The Glittering Stool Award

For the best technical execution of a woeful idea

The Golden Bull Award

For the most ridiculous jargon used to win an account

The Lipstick on a Pig Award

For the best case study video of an otherwise awful campaign

The Arrogant Pencil Award

For the most self-congratulatory article in an industry publication

The Captain Obvious Award

For the most blindingly self-evident statement during a conference presentation

The Web of Deceit Award

For the most outlandish claim about the success of an online campaign

The WTF Award

For the most incomprehensible new industry acronym

The Delusions of Brandeur Award

For the advertising agency that most vehemently denies being an advertising agency

The Grand Prick Award

For the most obnoxious delegate at an advertising festival

By the way, if the kind of guff that goes on drives you crazy, and you prefer a common sense approach to business, why not check out AskDrayton?



*Solipsistic means marooned up your own arsehole. We feel confident you will know one or two people with silly titles who fit the bill. Bonus marks will be given by the International Jury (Ryan and me) to any short tales about such individuals.

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